postheadericon What discounts are available for senior citizens for cable tv?

Question by norbie: What discounts are available for senior citizens for cable tv?
I am on a fixed income should I ask for a discount?

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8 Responses to “What discounts are available for senior citizens for cable tv?”

  • Patti:

    Wouldn’t hurt to ask but my cable company doesn’t offer any such discount. They will sell you a basic local package for not much money though.

  • KathyC:

    they have nothing here even our ppv has gone down to three movies, and 8 porn..for 60 channels of infomercials it’s 65 per month…

  • noonecanne:

    You could ask for one, but I doubt that one is offered. If you are on a fixed income and can’t afford cable TV, then that is a good spot to make some cutbacks. On my income, cable TV or satellite is not one that I can justify.

  • Flower:

    They dont offer discounts for services. Comcast has a monopoly almost and do not offer discounts on internet service, TV or telephone. You have to take a promotion until it expires, then get another one.

  • common sense:

    All you get from cable and dish types is 30+% commercials and we’re paying to see them. Biggest rip off there is. We need to boycott!

  • Martha Y:

    Cable will not give discounts to anyone the only thing they want is money they don’t care if you don’t have their services

  • Raider:

    They simply don’t care to give seniors a discount. Must be they don’t figure there is a future in that market. Besides they just carry commercial laden TV.

    Now I remember when they came up with “Pay TV” as they assured us that we would not have to put up with those irritating 60 second commercials. Now I am paying $ 500/year for television and all my favorite shows have commercials every 5 minutes for at least 3 minutes. The programs seem to be getting shorter and shorter. It used to be a rush to make a bathroom trip during a commercial, now you can run to town and bring back dinner, it seems.

    Pay all that for TV and still have to spend a third of your time watching lawyers bragging themselves into your pockets.

    Oh well, why not the politicians are still in our pockets.


  • Inundated in SF:

    In my area, none. And if the cable company doesn’t start wising up, they are going to find more and more of their customers turning off their cable tv. I’ve considered it seriously. We pay over $ 60 per month and only watch maybe 10 channels–the rest is just waste. We don’t have movie channels or any of those speciality channels. And as we get to the “fixed” income stage, we will have to start shutting off things that are extravagances–like cable tv unless the cable company starts offering some special deals for seniors.

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